Dear One Direction

Dearest One Direction,

           First: Hi to anyone reading! This might be the dorkiest thing I have ever done, but honestly my love for you boys is overwhelming. Yeah, I didn’t watch X-factor, I live in Los Angeles so I can’t. But when I found out about you, I youtubed you for days on end. I watched all your video diaries, all your X-factor performances… I even found links to watch all the episodes from your season. I watched it all. I fell in love with the way you are but your stunning looks were just a bonus. There is so much I wish I could tell you in person. Thank you for being a prime example of why we should never give up on anything. Especially you, Liam. You came back to X-factor, a brave move, but it changed your life forever. Thank you thank you thank you for always making me laugh. You guys are the funniest things I have ever come across. And Niall, I know your’e insecure, but I “don’t know what for. “your’e turnin’ heads when you walk through the door.” But seriously, you are perfect in every aspect. You all are. You are comedy kings. Yeah.. your acting could be better, but that’s what made iCarly so fun to watch. Louis, thank you for teaching me I’m never too old to be immature. It’s something that I will always remember. Zayn, thank you for teaching me to conquer my fears like you did at boot camp. And by the way, if you still need help dancing, I’ve been doing it for 13 years… And last but not least, Harry, thank you for teaching me to be happy! You almost always seem to have a smile on your face, and that is so admirable.  

             Yeah, I’m one of those fans who when someone says “Lewis” or their favorite song is “What makes you beautiful” or when they don’t know how many R’s.. I get defensive. But honestly, it’s because you are such amazing guys that I want you all to myself. Then again, so does the entire world. You have reached and touched so many lives I don’t think you can even begin to fathom. 

        Please, never change. You are my inspiration. Corny, but so incredibly true. And it’s not only me. It’s thousands upon thousands of people everywhere. You have managed to unite the world, and that’s a big accomplishment. 

      Yeah, I hate that tons of people are finding out about you because I don’t have you to myself anymore, but as selfish as that is, I want to say congratulations on being so successful. I am so so so proud to be able to call myself one of your fans. Please don’t let anything ever get you down. I love you all to pieces and if you ever read this… I might die of both happiness… and embarrassment. 

    Now for the tackier stuff (as if it isn’t tacky enough already)… Niall, I’d love to laugh at “na na nothin” with you one day and it hurts me to know you’ve ever cried, too. Harry, I hope one day my hair flipping overwhelms you. Louis, I’d die for you to know my name, too. Liam, I’d love to blind you one day… since I would be the only thing you see. And Zayn, I’d stay true to you, too. 

      One last short paragraph: Niall, I always hear things about you being insecure, and if they’re true, can I just say one thing? If I could go back to the day I met you (our picture is under “me posin’ lol”), if I wasn’t too busy trying to calm myself down, I would have told you that you are absolutely beautiful and have nothing to be insecure about. So many people love you, and please always try to remember that. That goes for all of you! You are all beautiful, so no matter what dumb rumors are made up, heads up high, please! Because we still love you. 

     So that’s it… but thank you for everything. And to any one who decided to read the whole thing, thanks for reading! 

       Love always,