I raised my head from its stupor and looked down at the clock on my phone, only to have it read 2:47am. I then proceeded to look around the bar for any familiar face but, ultimately, I knew no one. In a failed attempt to collect my dignity, I got up and headed for the bathroom, but tripped on my own foot. This might have been the lowest I’ve ever allowed myself to be. I quickly collected my belongings and myself, took a deep breath, and walked with confidence to the bathroom.

 Looking in the mirror was probably the worst decision. I discovered my foundation was wiped off, my lipstick was on my teeth, and my eyeliner no longer resembled a cat eye, but the under eye circles of a raccoon. I quickly splashed my face with water, removing the rest of my makeup. Wow did I look like shit. At least my outfit was decent.

 I poked my head out of the bathroom door once more. Yeah… everyone was gone. I took that as a sign that maybe my night should be over, too, and promptly left the bar.

 After what felt like hours of attempting to hail a taxi, one finally pulled over. I hurriedly piled myself in and muttered, “23rd and 9th please. Chelsea.”

 “Now I want the full story: why is a beautiful girl like yourself alone in New York at 3 o’clock in the morning?”

 But that dialogue wasn’t coming from the driver’s seat. I nearly shrieked when I discovered I wasn’t the only passenger in the cab.

 “I’m so sorry!” I shouted as I scrambled to open the door back up.

 “Don’t be sorry.” I felt a hand grab my leg. “I had him pull over for ya. Now, what’s the story?”

 I felt myself relaxing again and my breathing coming back to normal.

 “I’m also sorry for the freak out. It’s been a long night and you just startled me.” I paused and collected my thoughts. “But there really isn’t a story.”

 “Everyone in New York has a story. Everyone is here for a reason. What’s yours and why are you all alone tonight?”

 I began to explain to this total stranger the story of my life: how I’d left home the day I turned 18 and never looked back. How I was working non-stop in an attempt to pay my rent… and how that wasn’t really working. How I couldn’t finish school within four years. How I thought I had great friends, but how they ultimately left me alone and passed out at a bar.

 I stopped myself mid story- “I’m sorry, I don’t even know your name and… you don’t know mine.”

 “Well, I’m Niall, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” He stuck out his hand and made the biggest and dorkiest smile I’ve ever seen. I was forced to laugh.

 “Hi! I’m Valentina. Thank you for… ya know. Pulling over for me. It wasn’t necessary at all. People don’t normally do things like that… especially here in New York, especially this late at night and I-“ I realized how fast I had begun talking and just stopped myself.

 He looked me in the eye and said, “It really wasn’t a problem, love. I’d do it anytime.”

 I couldn’t maintain eye contact with him for too long before I felt my face getting hot so I quickly turned away. Not only was he incredibly sweet, but he was as cute as could be. After the shitty night I had, I wasn’t about to let him get away. We proceeded to sit in silence for quite a while until we reached my block.

 “Well, this is my stop. I owe you big time and if you wanna come in and have a drink or relax or something or need to pee… I don’t know, please do!”

 And with a simple smile, he stepped out of the car and let me lead him to my apartment.

 “I’m sorry it’s so messy. I wasn’t expecting people at all and I never have time so it’s a mess and I’m so sor-“ He grabbed my hand and pulled me onto my couch.

 “You have nothing to be sorry for,” he whispered in my ear. I could feel his fingers tracing my arm as he spoke to me.

 I quickly stood up. “What do you want to drink? I have some vodka and some gin. A couple beers maybe? Or water, if you like water…” I started toward the kitchen.

 “How about we just sleep? You’ve had a long night, as have I,” he said faintly. My knees literally got weak. I didn’t know what to do.

 “Uhm… yes! Please! Here… my room is just over here.” He grabbed my hand. When we got to the room he undressed; first removing his jacket, followed by his tie, his button down, his belt, his trousers, and lastly, his shoes. When I finished changing into my sleep shirt, he led me to my bed as if he’d known me, and this space, before. He shut off the lamp and put his arm around me as if he had done it a million times. Then we drifted off together, in the arms of a stranger, and whole-heartedly content. 

Hey guys! 

So I’ve decided to re-start something I used to do all the time and that I highly enjoyed.. which was making imagines for you! 

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Liam being serenaded during Strong.